Willy when he first joined CCR.

Meet Willy! This gorgeous marshmallow was found in the Darebin area, taken to a shelter and then rescued by CCR!

He came to me with a skin condition, his coat was quite ragged, and he was absolutely terrified and extremely timid when it came to any human interaction. The first night was chaotic; he climbed my window, fell and opened his desexing wounds during several escape attempts before calming down. We made the decision to crate him to help him settle in and get use to the noises as well as myself the comings and goings of the house. Crate training a cat involves keeping him or her in relative isolation in a large metal (but comfortable!) cage until he or she becomes less aggressive and timid and becomes used to human company. This was definitely the best decision for Willy in order for him to progress. It allowed him to learn how to be a cat again by watching his foster sister Indah and how she acted around us, as well as getting Willy himself used to us.

Look at the difference three months’ worth of love can make!

Willy has spent three months in foster care so far and has progressed into such a loving marshmallow. He has learnt how to play and socialise with our other fosters (this includes bathing the kittens) and Indah.He’s learning how to meow, has finally started purring – although it is quite an odd purr at the moment! – and starting to enjoy human affection. He has started talking to me (mainly when he’s hungry or wants attention) and is starting to show affection by giving me smooches and licks. When he’s in a particularly playful mood he likes to give soft little love bites.

Willy’s favourite hobbies include eating food, lying by the front window and watching the world go by, playing with Indah, sleeping on the kitchen chair and posing for photos! His favourite toy is a dangly mouse.

Willy is a completely different cat to the one I brought home three months ago!

Roslyn Huxley
CCR Foster Carer

Willy is currently available for adoption. View his profile here.

Willy is a happy cat indeed now.