Cheltenham Cat Rescue relies on a network of dedicated volunteers to operate. While the majority of these individuals are primarily foster carers, there are others who contribute invaluable services of other kinds for us too. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or foster carer for CCR, please follow this link. Today we have a word with Über Volunteer, Shelley Davis.

Shelley and former foster CandiceWhat are your roles within CCR and what do they involve?
I’m a foster carer, baker, knitter, jam maker, designer, driver, vet nurse, cleaner and all round team member.

What have been some of the best parts of working with CCR?
The cats of course! Some of my most rewarding experiences have been nursing the sick ones back to health and assisting in the delivering of brand new ones. Our team is also a rich and nourishing friendship group too, I hadn’t thought I would meet so many like minded and loving folk.

What are some of the challenges?
My main challenge is holding myself back from taking in ALL the cats, and placating my long suffering husband (bless him)!

Tell us about your current foster cats. Henry, one of a litter of kittens Shelley and mumma cat Marjorie raised from birth
In the Davis Sanctuary at the moment are Andi – sweet frightened girl who has after many many months started to sleep on the bed with me (a little bit); Maggie – elegant and feisty, she’s running the show at the moment! and Lycan and Viper – two little minis who are a courageous and inquisitive brother and sister team but definitely NOT like two peas in a pod!

How many cats is too many?
I don’t understand the question.

And finish this sentence: “If I were a cat for a day I would…”
…not feel guilty about finding the best sunny spot in the house and sleeping for hours.