Roslyn is one of our many foster carers here at Cheltenham Cat Rescue. With the help of her partner, she has seen around nine foster cats come through her Werribee home in her four months since volunteering. 

Roslyn with newly arrived AdahWhat made you start foster caring?
I always wanted to become a foster carer but never thought it was the right time until I found Indah, who I’ve now adopted, at work. I was contacting different rescue groups to see if any could take her. When speaking with Natasha, she asked me to foster Indah and I found myself agreeing without even thinking about it and that’s how I fell into foster caring!

What have you enjoyed most about foster caring?I love absolutely everything about it! It is honestly the most amazing experience I have ever had to date. I cannot put into words the feeling I get watching a scaredy cat transform into a trusting and loving feline, nor can I explain the absolute joy of having kittens running around doing all kinds of crazy things!

What have been some of your challenges?
My biggest challenge so far was seeing how terrified my scaredy cat Willy was when he first arrived. Mentally you understand even without knowing their history, but emotionally you’re not ready for that look in their eye that is telling you they are absolutely terrified and trust nothing or no one. It’s incredibly heartbreaking.
The other challenge – and I think all foster carers face this one – is letting them go once they have found their forever home. The bond you build with them is so strong and they become part of your family.

Tell us briefly about your foster cats.
I currently have seven foster cats in my care. Willy was my scaredy cat who has transformed into a beautiful loving boy but still has a little way to go. Adah and Toran are siblings. Toran is still a little timid and cross eyed but full of energy. Adah is confident and loving. She also brings out the confidence in Toran. Asta, Axis, Chade and Fitz who are all siblings are fun loving, confident, crazy kittens who never stop except to sleep or eat!

Roslyn and WillyHow many cats is too many?
I think it really depends on the personalities of the cats involved. Indah was my foster fail and gets a bit grumpy when I bring new fosters home so I try to limit how many I have at a time. I also need to take into account whether the foster is ready to handle many at a time. In saying that, I ended up with seven fosters in the space of four months! It would’ve been eight however Howard went to his forever home!

And finish this sentence: “If I were a cat for a day, I would…”
I would get into as much mischief as possible! I’d climb on every surface, jump from spot to spot and run around causing absolute chaos every chance I get before stuffing my face, plonking down in a nice comfy spot next to my human and have a very long food coma nap. At dusk I’d go for a wander around the neighbourhood and find any strays and invite them back home to experience my lovely lifestyle because they would love it too!