Cheltenham Cat Rescue relies on a network of dedicated volunteers to operate. While the majority of these individuals are primarily foster carers, there are others who contribute invaluable services of other kinds for us – like Deb. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or foster carer for CCR, please follow this link.

DebWhat is your role within CCR and what does it involve?
My role is that of Kitty Express which basically means I transport our feline friends from vet to carer, or carer to carer, or carer to new forever home. It involves navigating through Melbourne’s many streets and suburbs and occasionally taking a wrong turn or two!  It also includes falling madly in love with every fluffy fluff ball I transport. I talk softly to them for the duration of the ride to let them know they’re in safe and caring hands. It also means driving very very slowly and carefully (don’t beep!) as I have such precious guests on board.

What made you start volunteering?
I wanted to help!  Due to allergies and an unpredictable schedule I’m unable to foster or adopt and wanted to do something that could save time for others and benefit CCR.

What’s the best part about being involved with a rescue organisation?
The best part is knowing that I am helping CCR to save the lives of these precious little creatures who have, through no fault of their own, become unwanted. I want to help let them know that they are loved by many of us.

What’s the most challenging part?ivy
Oh dear!!! Falling in love and having to say goodbye! Every. Single. Time. But I do reassure them that they are also moving in with kind hearts who will also fall in love with them.

Any words of wisdom to share for anyone who may be considering taking on a similar role to yours?
Drive very slowly around corners!

And finish this sentence: “If I were a cat for a day, I would…”
If I were a cat for a day I would climb to the top of a huge tree, just because I could. I would rub against my mum’s legs and PURR really loudly to let her know I love her. I’d teach humans how to do yoga and how to get a good day’s sleep. I would teach humans to love cats because we are wonderful, just wonderful!