Darlene with her Chief Assistant Foster Carer Mitch, and one of their many beautiful foster cats.

Darlene is one of our many foster carers here at Cheltenham Cat Rescue. With the help of her children, she has seen over half a dozen foster cats come through her Mooroolbark home in her six months since volunteering. 

Darlene, what made you start foster caring?

A life-long lover of cats, I decided I could no longer see pictures of cats on pounds kill lists and not do my part to help. I was unsure if i would be able to have a cat in my care and later be able to part with him/her, but I wanted to give it a go because life’s a journey and I wanted my journey to involve animals.

What have you enjoyed most about foster caring?

I’ve loved all aspects of fostering! I enjoy meeting a new foster cat and experiencing its progress; I love working as a team with other amazing fosterers, and I’m really enjoying being involved in fundraising.

What have been some of your challenges?

My biggest challenge has been people that say, “oh but you can’t fix the cat problem – you’re just waisting your time.” These people make me more determined to keep helping as many cats as I can and to help educate others on the importance of desexing and to help beautiful adult cats find their forever home.

Tell us briefly about your foster cats.

I currently have six foster cats in my care. Candy is a talkative mummy and her eight week old babies (Shayla, Cody & Mitch – named after my kids!) are full of kitten mischief.  Mork and Mindy are 12 week old kittens that have been with me for five weeks and think my dog is their mummy.

How many cats are too many?

I have no set number. I currently have three of my own cats and six foster cats/kittens, and can juggle the cost/time/nurturing between them all. If I had more high-maintenance or frightened foster cats I would take on a few less to be able to give the best to those in my care.

And finish this sentence: “If I were a cat for a day, I would…”

I would tell as many strays as I could that not all humans are bad and that rescue groups are amazing, and talk a few into coming home to see what it’s like. LOL! And then I would enjoy getting spoiled by my human with pats, meals prepared and lots of sleep!

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