Rescue Cats Melbourne – Here at Cheltenham Cat Rescue, we LOVE hearing about all our cats and kittens when they get to their new homes. Stories of our feline friends adjusting and loving their forever homes, and their new parents loving them as much as we do, well, It just cements the fact that what we are doing is simply right.

Audrey was a shy girl at first, but with a little time, dedication and a whole lot of love from her humans, Audrey is flourishing in her new home. She is the Queen of her castle and we truly could not have asked for a better forever home.

Kathryn and Mario are absolutely smitten with this little girl, and who can blame them!? We wish to thank them for taking the time to help Audrey to become the confident cat she is, we also welcome you to our ever growing cat family.

Rescue Cats Melbourne – “This is our beloved Audrey (formerly Bindi), adopted from Cheltenham Cat Rescue five weeks ago. With the support of your lovely foster carers and now with a permanent home she has come out of her shell and absolutely adores her life. Mario and I are so thankful you saved her and allowed us to meet her.” – Kathryn

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All our cats and kittens are adopted out having been desexed, flea treated, microchipped, wormed and fully vaccinated. Get in touch with us if you would like to know more on any of our cats and kittens.