While most of us were probably heading out for a Saturday night out or maybe even sitting at home getting dinner ready, a couple of awesome CCR carers – Kiril and Joey – were responding to an urgent call for help.

The tenant of a property called us yesterday afternoon, very distressed. She could hear a kitten crying and thought she could see the kitten through a small space behind the electrical box.

These aren’t called we usually have the resources or equipment to respond to, but when the tenant mentioned that she could see the kitten we thought we had a chance.

Kirill climbed into the manhole and down into a section of the wall…heavy going work. His massive efforts paid off in that he was able to rescue a tiny kitten. Only a few weeks old, Lexi – as she was to be named – was rushed to a bottle feeder for warmth and food. Foster carer Keely, says she was waking every couple of hours for food, as was her level of hunger.

We aren’t sure if there are others there 🙁 We hope not but we are staying in close contact with the tenant just in case. A further rescue mission may need better equipment with people who are specialised in such work – but we shall see. There are good days and bad days in rescue. Days of highs and lows and days where you wonder why you do what you do. Today was one of those amazing highs! xx

On behalf of Lexi and the tenant who called us, I want to thank the team of carers that made this happen last night. You all rose to the challenge and just went and did what you could to save a life. No questions asked.

Saving the life of one animal won’t change the world, but the world will certainly change for that one animal
-unknown author

Director CCR