Ivy and Tibbers – from hiding to cuddles

Kitten Adoption Melbourne – When Ivy first adopted Tibbers at one of our adoption days in August, it was a worrying few nights at first. When they arrived home, Tibbers spent the first night between two cardboard boxes…and Ivy was sure she’d lost her! A beautiful cat, she was very timid yet Ivy was determined to make it work.

Ivy spoke to us regularly for support and we provided her with advice to ensure smooth sailing in the weeks ahead. Ivy never forced the interaction with Tibbers, but understood the importance of letting Tibbers find her way in her own time. Ivy read Tibbers’ cues and knew when she needed her space.

And the patience paid off! Tibbers is now LOVING cuddles from her new Mum and she is very much a part of the family. Ivy tells us that she has her own special scratching tree in the lounge room where she spends her time surveying her kingdom! Thank you, Ivy, for knowing that Tibbers would come around eventually and that she just needed time and space to settle in!!!