Join the Colony

The Cheltenham Cat Rescue Colony

Community support is fundamental to the work we do.  With no government funding, we rely on the generosity of the community in addition to our fundraising, to raise funds to cover our life-saving work.  With an average of around 150 cats and kittens in care at any one time, and multiple community cat projects in the pipeline, a monthly pledge to CCR can assist us make ends meet.  IT also helps us plan for the future

In by a whisker! – $10

A monthly donation of $10 per month gets your paws in the door.  Your funds will go directly to the purchase of medical supplies.

Put your paws up and be counted – $29

A regular donation of $29 per month will mean we can support a litter of kittens with their vaccinations and initial flea and worm treatment – they will be fighting fit for life’s next adventures

Feelin’ like Family – $42

Lend Mum and babes a paw (or two).  When Mums arrive in our care, they are usually fairly stressed from their previous situation.  For just $42 a month can keep a little furkid family safe until they are ready to be adopted into their new families.  You also get access to our ‘CCR Colony’ member specials!  That is totally pawsome

Medicate, Rescue and Tummy rubs – $65

Some come in ready to go…some need a lot more attention and medication to get them there.  For $68 a month, you can support us in ensuring we have the funds to look after the more difficult cases – injuries, long vet stays and specialised surgeries.  Access also to our access to our ‘CCR Colony’ member specials!

From head to tail…and everything in between – $90

Also known as total kitty community care.  Donations at this level are vital to the work we do.  They help us strategically plan to support our continued growth and gives us the ability to support community feeding and desexing programs and keep cats in their colonies without breeding getting out of control. That means LESS cats in the pounds and LESS cats being killed! Access also to our access to our ‘CCR Colony’ member specials!