Give Your Rescue Cat the Best Start in Their New Home
When you plan to adopt a rescue cat, it’s vital to take some sensible steps to make sure you get the adoption process right. In the long term, this will make a world of difference to you and your cat. Here at Cheltenham Cat Rescue, we passionate about responding to the growing need to assist in the rescue and rehoming of the hundreds of homeless cats and kittens across Melbourne.

Advantage Petcare recently got in touch with us for a blog they were putting together about rehoming rescue pets and wanted us to provide some advice.‘The Ultimate Guide to Bringing Home Rescue Pets’ is full of expert advice on making the transition as easy and gentle as possible for both your cat and you. We were delighted to be asked for a contribution, as this is such an important area to address. The tips we gave are what we advise anyone hoping to adopt a CCR cat.

  1. Check you’re a match Before you adopt a rescue cat, it’s important to check that they are actually the type of personality you’re looking for and that you can establish a bond with them – this is essential if the adoption is going to work in the long term. At CCR, potential adopters have to fill in an application form and have a chat with the foster carer of the cat they’ve applied for to see if they’ll be suited to each other.
  2. Spend some time with them first All our potential adopters are invited to the foster carer’s home to spend some time with their chosen cat before the adoption can go ahead. We’ll only proceed if the foster carer thinks there is a definite personality match. It’s not responsible to adopt a rescue animal you haven’t met and got to know before you take them home.
  3. Play with them at home Once you get your rescue cat home, it’s vital to build trust with them through interactive play. Cats, by their very nature, are hunters, so toys that provide for this sort of stimulation – something at the end of a string that can slide dart and wriggle around the room – will assist. Play reduces their anxiety and stress and will help them settle in with you more quickly.

At Cheltenham, we believe that all cats deserve and safe and happy home. With the right start, you and your rescue cat can go on to develop a lasting and rewarding bond. For further information and advice about adopting a rescue cat, please contact CCR – we’re always happy to hear from you.