There can be no more rewarding an experience, than that of providing a cat/kitten a temporary home whilst a permanent, loving and forever home is found.

For Cheltenham Cat Rescue, our foster program is how we save, and change lives for the better.  Foster carers play an integral role in the rehoming process and the duration of time in care can vary. Sometimes the need for a temporary home can be as short as one or two weeks….on other occasions it can exceed a couple of months.

As a foster carer, you will receive 24/7 guidance and support, from the wider CCR volunteer network.  All vet expenses are covered by the rescue group. All we ask of you is that you provide your foster with their daily needs – food, shelter, litter, care and oodles of love and cuddles.  Occasionally, you may also need to take them for any vet visits they may require.  We can assist if needed with transport.

If this sounds like you and you consider yourself an animal lover all the way to the moon and back; if you are compassionate, reliable and trustworthy and can take cats in to your home on a temporary basis, then we’d love you to complete our foster care application form below.

Oh and don’t worry too much if you become attached to your foster!  That’s perfectly fine with us and you’d be surprised how often it happens!  Fostering is a great way to test whether companion animal guardianship is for you, and adopting your foster cat/kitten is certainly an option.  We call that ‘Foster Fail’…..and it’s a great thing to fail at!




Foster Carer Application

What type of home do you live in?
Do you rent or own your home
Do you have approval to have a pet(s) in your rental property?Note: If you require approval to have an animal in your rental property, please seek approval FIRST before continuing with your application
Do you own OR have access to a car
Do you work?(please describe - Full time, part time, from home, or don"t work, etc)
Is travel a regular part of your job ?
Do you have other pets?If yes, please tell us more
Are your pets desexed?
Are you happy to provide love, food, shelter to your foster cat?
Do you object to a house/yard check being carried out?
Will you be able to take your foster to the vet as required?
Have you fostered before?
What is your time limit?(please note that any duration to foster is gratefully appeciated!)
If you become a foster carer with Cheltenham Cat Rescue, you will be responsible for the safety and well being of the animal in your care. Do you accept?
Do you have fly screens on ALL of your windows?
Can all doors (including cat doors) and windows in your home close fully?
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