Portia when she was first found.

Meet Portia. Portia was found late last year with her head in a can…and sadly, she’d been like that for a few days. With no ability to see or hear anything around her, Portia lay by the side of the road, hoping that someone would come her way to help. And thankfully, someone did come along. Portia was rescued and CCR assisted with her treatment. After spending a couple of months at her first foster home, this sweet little lady was moved along to Greta.

I was thrilled when Natasha allowed me to take over Portia’s care. I had been commuting to Canberra for the most part of 2015 which did not allow me to help with fostering, and thankfully that came to an end in December.

Who’d have thought she was hiding such a beautiful head under that can!

Portia arrived on Christmas Eve and her arrival was not without some stress (for me). The clutch went on my car as I was about half way home from picking up my own cat Gulliver from the cattery. I went into a spin, and out of desperation called my neighbour who just happened to be near where Portia was!  With a one-year-old in the car on a hot day, she detoured to a shopping precinct and grabbed a cat carrier and went and got Portia and delivered her to me.  What a relief to have her finally here, and what a fab neighbour to have!

I don’t know much about her life before she came to me except that she was found with a cat food tin stuck on her head, somewhere near Tullamarine. She was rescued by a kind soul and taken to a nearby vet. Apparently she went crazy when the tin came off.

I am not sure how long she was with her previous carer, but I am guessing at least a couple of months. She came to me still quite thin and a bit hissy. My bathroom was her sanctuary and the cube bed that came with her was her safe spot. I started her on flower essences straight away, and I am sure they have played a big part in her progress. There was no hissing by day three. She was pretty friendly from that point on, and her main interest became eating. She was pretty desperate for her food actually and would try to get on the bench-top while I was getting it ready . For the first week or so I gave her small meals often. Even if I got up in the middle of the night I would give her biscuits. I am pleased to say that desperation has gone, but she is always very excited at meal time and will eat everything that is put in front of her. 

She eventually let me know that she was ready to see the world outside my bathroom and soon made herself comfortable in my home. There was no hiding under the furniture as I had been warned she would do by her previous carer. She is pretty good with my Gulliver and on occasions they can be found chasing each other around the house.

Passing the time while she waits for her forever family to come along.

She never sleeps in the cube now, preferring either a sheepskin on my clothes hamper at night or various places in my lounge by day. She is a sweet girl who loves her toys, and her food, her biscuit kong and  to be cuddled. She is looking for a quiet home, either as the only cat or with non dominant siblings.

A few people are surprised that with her story, she isn’t a foster fail. And hard as it will be to see her off to a new home, she is beautiful healthy young lady and will do well with a loving new Mum and/or Dad. I know there will be another cat out there who will need Gulliver and I – perhaps one who has has special needs, or perhaps even is palliative care case – and THAT will be the foster fail.


Portia is available for adoption now. You can view her profile here.