Mika when he was first caughtWhen Mika, the gorgeous gentle ginger ninja giant arrived into my care late last year, he was not in good shape. With a broken jaw and gingivitis, it was clear that Mika had not seen a good meal in some time. His poor coat quality and frail body made him look so much older than he was and his tatty ears spoke of a hard life on the street. His positive FIV status was but a sad reminder of late night tomcat fights, and yet I could see that his gentleness meant that it was probably never Mika who started them. How this gentle giant ended up fending for himself on the street is anyone’s guess, but I fell in love with him straight away and I promised at that moment to do all I could to heal his wounds – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Knowing that he had so many issues to deal with, and knowing that he could so easily dislike humans, he surprised me with his affection. Animals have an amazing ability to forgive, to love unconditionally. I saw this in Mika. It became so clear that he loved just being near you. No, not a lap cat per se, but to just be in your company. In the same room or on the same chair, it didn’t really matter, as long as you were there. Even preparing dinner…he wanted to be right there. Smooching your face and talking with small cries of ‘hello’ and ‘thank you for my meal’.

Rocking a handsome rugged look after a few months of TLC!

Over the months that I have had Mika, I have seen him get stronger and stronger. His coat shines and his eyes sparkle – they exude life and love once again. He continues to surprise me everyday with his gentle love and zest for life. Whilst his days are no longer about play and chasing ribbons and balls – they are more about sleeping in the sun – I sense that he is happy. He hangs out daily with his feline foster flatmate Buzz and together they have become quite the pair. Buzz, with his crazy kitten- like antics, balances the gentle, sleepy Mika. Truth be told though, I often come home to find them both curled up together for an early evening snooze. To be surrounded by other companion animals and to have a regular meal and a warm bed, his needs are simple and yet his life seems content.

I am astounded that this fellow has not yet been adopted for he is perfect in every way. Mika would make a wonderful companion for someone who is looking for a gentle giant.


You can check out Mika’s adoption profile here.