Adopting Bonded Cats is quite possibly the best thing you can do in your lifetime.

Lonely cats and kittens are prone to becoming little mischief makers when they are left to their own devices. Welcoming bonded cats into your home who already love each other and are well adjusted to one another will allow them to take comfort in each other’s company.

We hear a lot of stories of families trying to bond their current pet with another animal, and while it absolutely can be done, the task can be quite tricky. The process of introducing a resident cat to a new family member must be executed in stages in a neutral territory.

So take the plunge we say, adopt bonded cats, it may sound like more work, but in actuality, it is much easier. You can expect to purchase more food, and clean out the litter a little more as well as pay more for veterinary care, but your dynamic duo will keep each other company while you’re at work or school.

For the bonded cats, a big change in their lives such as moving to a new home will be far less stressful when they have each other.

Jody and Ross are reaping the love, cuddles, and affection their two bonded cats Boris and Frankie are bringing to their home. Boris and Frankie do just about everything together, from playing to snuggling.

CCR wishes to extend our joy, happiness, and thanks to Jody and Ross. Welcome to the CCR family and please keep us posted on all your family adventures. Our team is so happy for you guys, we are so grateful that you found us and know we have found the best forever home for Boris and Frankie.

Bonded Cats - Frankie and Boris

“Just had to send you this photo of Boris and Frankie sitting in the sun. They arrived at the Beach House Sunday and they are very happy together. They have spent most of the days looking out the window wanting to explore, so will let them out tomorrow. Can’t wait to see their joy of climbing the tee-tree!

This is the first time we’ve adopted a brother and a sister and it makes a huge difference in their comfort levels moving to new places and, of course, living together.

They are just beautiful.” – Jody and Ross

Are you looking for a couple of bonded cats to bring some warm fuzzy lovey dovey feels to your home? Get in touch with us, we have several bonded pairs looking for their forever homes and would love to meet you today. View all our Cheltenham Cat Rescue cats, consider adopting one of these love bugs and join our CCR family.