Barn Cats

Barn Cats FAQ

Where do barn cats come from?
Barn cats are usually stray cats who grew up without much human contact, and who were trapped and taken to a pound or shelter as adults. If they were not rescued by us, they would almost certainly have been killed.

Barn cats are just like any other cat, except they prefer not to have close physical interaction with people. Whilst they don’t wish to be lap cats, their lives and happiness are important. We are committed to finding them a home that is suitable for their personality.

Will they get on with my cat?
Very likely, yes. These cats have usually grown up with cats and understand what is appropriate behaviour towards other cats. They are generally quite submissive towards other cats. It is very rare for them to be aggressive.

If they don’t get on with your cat, we will take them back.

Is it OK if I have a dog?
Depending on the type of dog, it should be OK.

Will they be OK with my kids?
As long as your kids respect their personal space, they should be fine. If your children are aggressive towards them or corner them, they may feel the need to protect themselves, just like any frightened animal. We ask that you teach your children appropriate behaviour towards cats.

What happens when they need to see a vet?
Depending on their personality and how they feel about human contact, you may need to trap them using a humane trap. We will endeavour to help you with that; as much notice as possible is helpful. Over time, many barn cats become more comfortable with human contact so you may not need to trap them.

What do I need to do?
You need to confine them to a secure, enclosed area with access to windows for four weeks, providing food, water and a litter tray in that area. During that time, they will become accustomed to their new home and territory, reducing the likelihood of them going missing.

After the four week period, you can start letting them out, but still feeding them in their original confined area.
We require you to feed them cat food at least once a day, preferably twice, and provide vet care when needed.

If you have cat curfews in your area, they will need to be in an enclosed area at night.

I would like to adopt a barn cat. What now?
Please contact us at and we can take it from there!