Adopted Cats Cheltenham – Happy Adoption Tails – LULU and ARLO.

Life’s Motto – Siblings who play together, stay together.

Adopted Cats Cheltenham – Not quite bonded at the hip, but close enough, are LULU and ARLO. These gorgeous bubs came into the world together and have been adopted together. Rescued with their Mum and siblings back in November 2016, they have truly landed on all four paws.

New mum, Julia, tells us that ARLO has developed some kleptomaniac tendencies, and walks around the house collecting all he can find to run away with as his toys. And LULU – well, she’s quite conservationist and loves to tell you all that she’s doing. Julia says she is most talkative on her way to the toilet!

We do love it when kitty cats can go together. Sadly, many assume cats to be solitary animals and you only have to think of well-bonded cat colonies to know this isn’t quite the case. And sure, just like us, they like their alone time, but they also really love the company of one of their own.

Thanks Julia for adopting these two. We know they will give you loads of love and laughter -now and into the future.