Cheltenham Cat Rescue is a registered animal welfare charity organisation, with deductible gift recipient status.  Our focus is on the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of cats across Melbourne.

Our History

Cheltenham Cat Rescue (CCR) commenced rescue operations in June 2015. After fostering for a number of years with other wonderful rescue organisations – and learning about the companion animal issues across Victoria and Australia – CCR founder Natasha  thought she could add further value by setting up her own rescue organisation, the idea being to assist in the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of cats within the Melbourne community.

How we operate

Working collaboratively with other rescue groups, councils and pounds across Melbourne,  Cheltenham Cat Rescue focuses on rescuing homeless cats and kittens in need.  Homeless doesn’t always mean the pound though. Whilst it is true that many of our cats can come from the pound, we also receive calls from members of the community regarding homeless cats wandering onto their property as well as calls for help from people who can genuinely  no longer care for their cats, for one reason or another.

We are an all-breed cat rescue organisation, staffed entirely by volunteers and funded only by public donations. All funds raised go straight back into helping the cats and kittens in our care. Our survival as an organisation relies on the network of our volunteer foster carers who assist in the provision of temporary homes whilst forever homes are found. Without these carers, rescue organisations like CCR would cease to exist. All cats/kittens rescued are fully vet worked before being rehomed. We are not a shelter and as such, we  do not have a centralised location. All adoptions take place via an adoption application process, the aim being to find the purrfect match between human and feline.

Our vision

We believe that all breeds of cats deserve loving and caring homes and any medical care necessary to ensure the best possible quality of life, regardless of their age or condition. Through our work, we also seek to educate the community on responsible companion animal guardianship, holistic cat health care management and the dire situation of thousands of healthy cats and kittens being euthanised everyday in Australia…and what can be done to prevent this from happening.

Meet the committee

Dedicated and passionate about what they do, we are grateful to each and every person who joins the Cheltenham Cat Rescue (CCR) colony.

Sitting behind the volunteers is a small committee. Our team are on a mission to make sure that there is a cat in every home, and home for every cat.

Join us. Join the CCR colony.

There are plenty of ways you can get involved to support our vital rescue network.


Cheltenham Cat Rescue is not a shelter so there is no centralised location for you to visit. To adopt one of our beautiful felines, the first step is to submit an adoption application form.


There can be no more rewarding an experience, than that of providing a cat/kitten a temporary home whilst a permanent, loving and forever home is found.


We know that fostering isn’t for everyone, but there are still loads of things you can do to help out our furry feline friends by becoming a Cheltenham Cat Rescue volunteer!