Meet the Committee

Our volunteers are at the centre of all we are (aside from the lives we save of course!).

Dedicated and passionate about what they do, we are grateful to each and every person who joins the Cheltenham Cat Rescue (CCR) colony with the aim to make a difference.

Sitting behind the volunteers is a small committee, whose members oversee the running of the rescue group. Each member has dedicated themselves to saving the lives of cats and kittens throughout Australia.

Our team are on a mission to make sure that there is a cat in every home, and home for every cat. Join us. Join the CCR colony.

Natasha | Director/Founder

Cats. Why do I love them so? Well, simply put – they are amazing creatures. I didn’t really befriend my first cat until 2004 and suffice to say, he changed my life. And as they say, the rest is history. CCR started as a solution to a problem – a big problem …that being the issue of the homeless cats and kittens across Victoria and the high euthanasia rates in pounds and shelters. I couldn’t sit back and pretend it didn’t exist. So I joined the ranks of other rescue groups across Victoria…all doing our bit to make a real difference to the lives of the animals (and the people) in the community. We rescue, rehabilitate, rehome and advocate for change. One kitty at a time.

Darlene | President
My love of cats stems back as far as I can remember and having them as part of my family has always made me feel complete and balanced. They add so much joy and happiness to my life and I’m blessed to experience so much daily cat love
Roslyn | Vice President

Cats are amazing creatures with a massive range of different personalities, no two cats are the same. They provide an enjoyable challenge when working with them and are far from something textbook. Once you have their trust and love, the bond formed between the two of you is one you will never forget. This is what I love about cats the most.

Pamela | Secretary

I started getting involved in Cat Rescue for selfish reasons – I wanted some furry friends around the house! However, after caring for my first truly vulnerable rescue cat I began to realise how important our work is.

This cat’s name is Harley. With some good food and some TLC Harley has transformed from being first on the kill list, into a majestic, quirky and loving creature who is now my close companion. Today when I see the cats who need our help, they are all Harley to me. They all matter. This is compassion at its purest and has taught me better ways to conduct myself in the rest of my life.

I am passionate about getting a better deal for cats in Victoria, as well as bringing my data management and administrative skills to the Secretary role. Cheltenham Cat Rescue is a fantastic organisation and I am proud to be involved in this rewarding and important cause.

Frances | Treasurer
I started out in wildlife rescue and found that cats were getting the short end of the stick. With a lot less carers and helpers to help our homeless and unprotected cats, I dove in head first and found myself in love with being allowed into the lives of the cats that came into my care and really making a difference. I’d always had a soft spot for cats but now they have taken over my house and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have a particular interest in cats with health issues and helping them recuperate. There’s nothing more joyous than watching a cat regain their health and turning into a happy member of my colony. Helping those little fighters become happy, healthy companions is what I live for.
Conor | VIP CCR Foster Inspector 

Conor oversees the onboarding of all new kitties at CCR HQ. As the first foster fail in the family, he takes his role very seriously and does have the tendency to make new foster kitties jump through hoops as part of the initiation process. But he means well 😉
He spends most of his time perched up on the scratching post in the outdoor enclosure, basking in the sun, or …surprise surprise, in a box.